Community Outreach

B.F. Environmental Consultants, Inc. has been conducting public outreach to the community via our educational programs related to conservation, groundwater, soils, septic system management, source water protection, and watershed management.   As of 2011, we conduct most of our public outreach through the Keystone Clean Water Team, 501c3, based in Pennsylvania. You may find more information about recent topics on the blog site for the Keystone Clean Water Team. At the blog site, you will find recent articles, presentations, discussions about "Energy", "Climate Change", and other topics.

PowerPointPresentations (Historic)

Presentation Prepared for Pennsylvania on Baseline Testing and Environmental Monitoring (Slideshare).   You will need to save a copy of the slideshare or I will have to find you a copy.
Presentation Prepared for West Virginia (pdf and Slideshare) - Panel Discussion Wellness and Water Event (pdf)   You will need to save a copy of the slideshare or I will have to find you a copy.
Regional Baseline Water Education/ Testing Program - developing program, selecting parameters, and outreach program to educate citizens regarding Marcellus Shale.- "Getting the Waters Tested - The Marcellus Shale Factor"
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We are in the process of setting up Face-to-Face Courses.  They will be posted here at our New Training Portal - Training Professionals Online Training Courses.  We will be scheduling courses in soil science, soil morphology, hydric soils, and water sampling.

New Training Portal Launched - Training Professionals
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Continuing Education for Engineers and Related Professionals (PDH)
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